When you get the chance, take a walk; it’s amazing what you see when you slow down.
Most of the people who come into the Ministry walk here. Gas, oil changes, maintenance, car insurance, tags, and taxes cost a fortune, especially when you’re on the street. So instead of driving, people walk. They walk to the river, to the library, to the shelter, to the store, to their friend’s house. They walk all over town. Some people stop walking, sit down, and sleep on the sidewalk. Sometimes it’s safer for them there. I never see these people when I’m driving.
We were blessed to welcome our summer interns to the team a couple of weeks ago. These interns bring open hearts, curious minds, and willing hands to the homeless. Another blessing we’ve welcomed is summer time. Sunny days and fresh faces sparked us to take our love back to the streets, to start walking again. We walk in the parks to spend time with God, we walk through our neighborhood to reach out to the community, and we walk downtown to meet the homeless where they walk. We walk, greet, and pray for our broken community.
The other day we met Mike. Mike was laying in the shade on a walking bridge that crosses the river and eyeing us closely as we approached. We said hello and commented on the heat. We offered him a bottle of water. And then a cool rag to wipe his face. And then a listening ear. We ended up praying with Mike for peace and safety. We left Mike with the Ministry’s information and continued on. We met countless other street people, continuing to pray with them and to get to know them. We stopped on street corners and prayed for the block, for the city, for the community, for the poor and the rich.
We got the idea from Jesus. He walked everywhere right? Except for that one time he rode a donkey. He walked, engaged, and prayed. He was a light in dark communities. You can do the same thing you know? You don’t have to come to River City Ministry to be a light. You can start in your own neighborhood.
When you get the chance, take a walk; it’s amazing what you see when you slow down.


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