Day Eleven, November New Birth

25594080_1747488895285046_8529100764670730608_n-2I want to tell you about two special ladies, Carol and Shanieka, and an amazing thing that happened last month. Carol has been our Dental Manager for several years and our Dental program is spectacular, largely because of all her hard work and her cheerful spirit.  She shows people love, makes them feel welcome and special, and shares the Gospel with anyone who will give her an opportunity. Carol also supervises, trains, mentors, and quizzes (constantly to make sure they are prepared for exams) dental externs from several local schools of dentistry. Which brings us to the second special lady I want to tell you about.

Shanieka came to River City to complete her externship and finish her dental program requirements. She is a quick learner, hard worker, and is incredibly caring and kind in all she does. She is also the mother of five boys… you heard read me right, FIVE BOYS! Shanieka is also a deeply spiritual person. She shared beautiful insights during our weekly staff meeting and devotional time and listened to Carol sharing the Good News with eagerness and with many questions.


The three of us sat down and studied together a couple of times and talked about life, the Lord, and baptism. I am happy to say that Shanieka was baptized and we welcomed her with loving arms into our church where we are happy to have her and her sons worshiping with us. We are so blessed to have Carol and Shanieka at our ministry and in our lives!



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